Musik21 offers piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, voice, theory, composition lessons in Johns Creek.



404 245 6133

Johns Creek, GA 30022

10700 State Bridge Rd, Suite 12


    Website: Email: Tel: 404.245.6133


    We highly encourage all our students to participate in recitals, competitions, festivals and master classes. Recitals are held at least three times a year. We offer our students the possibility to participate in various programs, festivals and competitions organized by the state, national and international organizations. We offer several performances at the senior citizens communities. Please inquire with your teacher.

    The tuition fee is due on the first day of each month. You can set up auto-pay with credit card on file. Late fee $35 will be charged on all unpaid accounts on the 5th day of each month.
    Please ALWAYS write on the check or Zelle payment full name of the student and the teacher.
    We take vacation following Fulton County School Calendar (not all days): Thanksgiving week, Winter break - December/January, Spring break. There is no additional charge for months with 5 lessons.

    If cancellation of the lessons becomes necessary, we request one month’s notice
    in writing only sent to: or one month’s tuition to be paid.

    MAKE UP LESSONS: Students are allowed to make up one lesson in the Fall (August- December) and one in the Spring (January-June) for excused absences (sickness, emergency situations), 24 hours notice accepted ONLY. You are welcome to exchange lessons with other students, if you cannot make your assigned time.
    Notice: No credits will be given for lessons missed.
    Lessons missed due to the teacher absence will be rescheduled.
    All make up lessons will have to be completed by the end of each semester.

    Student will not be supervised outside the classroom, parents or guardians are responsible for picking student promptly at the end of the lesson. Studio will not be held responsible for student’s welfare. I agree to waive liability and release any and all claims against Musik21, its owners and teachers for injuries and damages suffered myself or my children 18 or under, for whom I am signing, during programs at Musik21, or while at Musik21 for any other reason, whether in a class or not.
    I fully accept and assume all risks and all responsibility for all losses and damages as a result of my participation and any children’s participation in these programs.

    Parent or guardian information:

    Lessons requested at Musik21:

    Payment made by:

    Automatic payment with credit card on file:

    Late payments: If the payment is not received by the 5th of each month, late fee of $35 together with the outstanding balance will be charged with the Credit Card on file.
    Credit Card must be entered regardless of chosen form of payment

    Please add 3% if you make your payment by credit card, including automatic payment.
    Please ALWAYS write on the check or Zelle payment full name of the student and the teacher.

    The student must be registered before the first lesson, otherwise the lessons will not be scheduled. To complete the registration the 1-st payment must be done at least 48 hours before the first lesson – credit card payments only.